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Triple Pack - DBT, DIC and DFC

Triple Pack - DBT, DIC and DFC

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  • Completely take care of your diesel with this handy triple pack  
  • Available in 100ml, 500ml & 1L sizes
  • Use all at the same time.
  • Overdosing will not harm your engine
  • Suitable for all diesel engine types and all diesel fuels


Diesel Bug Treatment (DBT)


- A broad spectrum biocide formulated to prevent & eradicate the microbial contamination of fuel from Diesel Bug


- Disperses into both the water and fuel phases in your tank and will remain sufficiently active for over a year at both high and low temperatures


- To kill bug use 100ml to 100 litres (1000ppm)


Diesel Injector Cleaner (DIC)


- A once only treatment to remove harmful deposits in the fuel pump and injectors of diesel engines


- Added directly to the tank at the rate of 100ml per 100 litres (1000ppm) of fuel


- Cleans fuel line and injector deposits providing a cleaner, easier starting engine


- Reduces emissions, improves fuel consumption and prevents smoke from exhausts


Diesel Fuel Complete (DFC)


- A blend of additives to give complete protection from the undesirable effects of modern Diesel


- Prevents degradation and the growth of diesel bug


- Combats deposits from Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) and BioDiesel


- Increases Cetane number for easier starting


- Contains a lubricant, detergent, and demulsifier


- Reduces fuel system and injector deposits to zero


- Reduces emissions and improves fuel consumption


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