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We manufacture Fuel Treatments, fuel tank management & Zer0 Plastic Boat Cleaners

As used by the RNLI & Royal Marines
Air Filtration


Home of Fuel Treatments & Diesel Dipper

30 years ago you didn't need a fuel additive - you do now!
Enviro demands have fundamentally changed diesel. Asphaltenes, Degradation, Carboxylate Acid and Diesel Bug all add to the sludge at the bottom of the tank.

You have sludge because you have water,
 the Diesel Dipper Fuel tank cleaner will remove water and the inline tank dryer stops the moisture coming in.

If you have diesel bug our DBT will kill it!. To keep your diesel fresh and fit for purpose use our DFC.
We worked with the Labs and our corporate additive suppliers to create a unique additive package, built specifically to counter the problems of modern diesel and the ever increasing Bio content.

If you think you don't need additives? see our
 blog:  "Do you need a fuel additive"

Together they form the perfect solution to a modern problem, see our Blog: "what's lurking in your fuel tank"
However - what ever you do, and we cannot stress this enough. You must remove the water in your tank and mitigate the problems of modern diesel.
You can start here

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Diesel Fuel Treatment
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zero plastic
Zer0 environmental cleaning product


Zer0 plastic and Zer0 enviromental polution

Our bottles are aluminium

Our truly biodegradable refills are granular sachets. Manufactured by us you just pop them in the bottle, fill with warm water, shake and you're done

Want to use your own bottle? why not? the refills come with a label.

Space is tight on a boat!. Just three products to clean everything on board

You can even use the Interior cleaner in the cassette toilet, it uses similar friendly bacteria and enzymes..

One less product again!


Special Products

Nanotechnology surface sealer
...Swedish Approved enviro friendly grease
.............and a SICK KIT
"for those awkward hicups"

Nanotechnology surface sealer, Premium Teak restorer and Protection, 100mg Handy size Biodegradable NLGI 2 General purpose grease
Or a SICK KIT..........for those awkward moments when your friends find out what being sea sick is like. Or how about wine and coffee spills? It absorbs it all. Fully compostable you'll be very pleased you had it to hand.
Our Magic sponges come direct from the air line industry and will make short work of any ingrained dirt!

Sick Kit
Surface UV Protector
Surface Sealer
Environment Grease
Enviro' Friendly Grease
Use it on your Hob too!!
....and your shower screen!!
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