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Zer0 Cabin & Heads Cleaner

We wanted to produce a range of biodegradable cleaners that achieve Zer0 harm to the marine environment and produce Zero plastic pollution with a simple refill, reuse and recycle concept.

Zer0 Cabin & Heads Cleaner Trigger Spray / Refill

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Zer0 Cabin and Heads Cleaner is amazingly effective on all hard and soft furnishings. Using modern enzyme technology that uses gentle surfactants combined with friendly bacteria chosen specifically to counter the stains found inside boats it gets to the root of the dirt.

It quickly and effectively disposes of spills on all hard surfaces including sink tops, tiles, toilets,even wood and glass. It gets to the very core of soft furnishings like seating areas and in carpets goes deep down reacting with the dirt and expelling odours.

Unlike solvent cleaners this modern cleaning product goes on cleaning after you put the cloth away!

Zer0 Cabin & Heads Cleaner - Full Description

Cabin and Heads is extremely effective, even in the unfortunate situation such as sea sickness or pet accidents on board where the friendly bacteria will eat away all of the organic soiling which cannot easily be seen with the naked eye ensuring a great deep clean result.

To use on hard surfaces, simply spray onto the surface to be cleaned and then wipe with a clean dry cloth. On soft furnishings, test an area for colour fastness first and then spray onto the area to be cleaned and then clean carefully with a clean lint free cloth and then allow to dry. For heavy soiled or heavy traffic areas a second application may be required.

A naturally effective way using enzymes to clean without toxic or caustic chemicals. Cleans, refreshes and deodorises in one simple application. by destroying the source of bad odours. The friendly microbes will continue to work long after you have removed the stain.

If you have a cassette toilet add about 100ml of Cabin and Heads to your waste tank in place of your normal ‘Blue’ product and the biological action of the product will keep your cassette toilet odour free and easier to empty... One more product you wont have to keep on board taking up space.

The Highly concentrated pouch will refill the trigger bottle 5 X. Just fill to the line on bottle and when it’s empty replace the cap….then pop it in the post free of charge.

Zer0 Plastic Pollution

Just recycling plastic is not enough, we wanted to make a difference, so we Reuse our plastic. Our Refill, Reuse, Recycle concept will ensure the life of our plastic is maximised.
We bring our pouches home, we pay the post, you just replace the cap and pop the pouch in the post. When we get it back we refill it for reuse.

It doesn’t stop there. Our triggers and bottles are “for life”. If your bottle or trigger is worn out or even gets broken bring it to one of our participating chandlers who will replace it free of charge.

If your chandler doesn’t stock it…tell them to get on board!

If you are a chandler and want to stock Zer0..get in touch and join the revolution!

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A gentle but effective product for cleaning all exterior engine surfaces and bilge areas of your craft.

A gentle but effective product pack for cleaning all exterior engine surfaces and bilge areas of your craft.

A gentle but effective product for cleaning all exterior surfaces on your craft.

Three refill pouches for the complete Zer0 Plastic Pollution range. The packaging is part of our return and credit service.

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