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Fuel Treatments by Marine 16

Marine 16

Diesel Fuel Complete

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*excludes Diesel Duck & Diesel Dipper

Diesel Fuel Complete

Price From £10.16 incl VAT

Marine 16’s Diesel Fuel Complete is a multi-functional fuel treatment to maintain the quality of stored fuel, keep fuel systems clean and prevent the growth of Diesel Bug.

Diesel Fuel Complete Description

DFC – Diesel Fuel Complete is a multi functional fuel treatment for stored fuel. Using a blend of additives to give complete protection from the undesirable effects of modern Diesel. DFC Prevents degradation. Prevents the growth of diesel bug. Combats effects of using Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) and BioDiesel. Increases Cetane number for easier starting. Contains a lubricant. Contains a Detergent for cleaner easier starting, reduces fuel system and injector deposits to zero. Reduces emissions and  improves fuel consumption. Suitable for all diesel engine types and all diesel fuels.

DFC also contains a demulsifier helping to drop water to the bottom of the tank where it can be easily removed from the drain or if no drain is fitted consider fitting a Diesel Dipper®. Water in Diesel must be removed and can cause serious damage to an engine.

Dose DFC at the rate of 100ml per 100 litres of fuel, overdosing will not harm your engine.

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Fuel Treatments by Marine 16
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About Marine 16

Marine 16 products were developed exclusively for the leisure boating and light commercial sectors.  We make it easy for you to maintain your vessel, inside and out.

Widely respected for our fuel treatments, we can eradicate diesel bug, remove harmful injector deposits and maintain the fuel system.  Our Diesel Bug Treatment (DBT) is used by the RNLI and  top-rated by Practical Boat Owner.  Two petrol systems complete our fuel treatment range.

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