Ecological Cleaning Products don’t work!???

Ecological Cleaning Products don’t work!??? Steve Cox, Director of Marine 16 lays bare the myths and explains how, properly done, Eco products are actually better than solvent.

Trying to do a cleaning job with poor technology and so called “active ingredients” is doomed to fail.


That is how the early Eco products ‘worked’. In the main they got away with it, expectations were so low that if the product did something then the consumer was happy.

The snake oil salesmen who thought they were on to something jumped onto this bandwagon, produced more poor products and basically reinforced the consumers notion that ECO products don’t work.


With that challenge we set our stall out to manufacture an ECO product that would really work. We are the market leader in fuel treatments, so we have a reputation to perform and because we care when we sell a product… it has to work!


The challenge was that if any of our products ended up in a canal it would cause Zer0  impact and there is no piece of water more sensitive to pollution then a canal!


So the Zer0 range was born.

Just 4 products, Cabin &Heads. Deck & Sail, Engine & Bilge and Sanitiser. They had to be Zer0harm to the environment, Zer0 plastic pollution, replace all the cleaning products on the boat and occupy the smallest footprint…. quite a  challenge.


So Cabin & Heads, what’s so special? It contains bacteria and enzymes specific to dissolving organic food waste and organic matter. You can even put 100ml into your toilet, it has the same bacteria that is used in toilet systems and this keeps odours down and makes pump out far easier. Our friendly bacteria outcompete the harmful bacteria for their food thus leaving nothing for the harmful bacteria to feed on – and so they die and the bad odours are eliminated.


And Deck & Sail? Well here you may find scuff marks so we choose bacterial strains that produce enzymes which digest hydrocarbons and bacteria that thrive on the mould in bimini sun canopies etc. Regular use will build up a film on the surface which makes soil formation much harder


Then Engine & Bilge? Well here we use a different enzyme that love eating hydrocarbons as found in oils and fuel


But if you spray it on oil then it’s not ECO anymore? Yes…But it contains enzymes that break down the hydrocarbon into harmless elements and retains the products ECO credentials


….and finally a hard surface sanitiser – this is the only product in the range that kills bacteria rather than grow them. Covid certified for effective sensitisation of all hard surfaces


So, thank goodness for bacteria. It is all about selecting the right bacterial strain for the job in hand. You would not use a bacterial strain which breaks down urine if you are trying to degrade hydrocarbons. Each product contains the specific bacteria or enzyme to assist in the correct cleaning process


The best bit is none of the mare aggressive to the surface unlike solvent cleaners,  AND our ECO products go on cleaning after you put the cloth away! Those bacteria and enzymes continue working until the source of the dirt has gone so removing the smells too.



You buy a bottle – it is a bottle for life – if it breaks – we replace free of charge. The Zer0 range products are refilled from a 500ml super concentrate pouch. Each pouch refills the bottle 5 times.

But we do more – we bring our plastic home. When the refill pouch is empty, simply screw the cap back on and pop it in a post box. The FREEPOST label is already on the pouch. We sanitise and refill the pouch 5 times before it is recycled by us.


So here we are, an ecological product that really works, friendly bacteria that keep on cleaning after you have put away your cloth and zero plastic waste. Our ecological products DO work! – for you and the environment.

Switch today, Enter code ZERO at checkout for 20% OFF any product from our ECO CLEANING RANGE, this code also gives you FREE POSTAGE of the whole order.  

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