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Below Deck Silica Gel Tank Breather/Dryer

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Condensation on the walls of tanks has always been a problem resulting in free water on the bottom of the tanks. Traditionally tanks were topped up to prevent this happening, that is not a good practice these days with modern diesel which should be used within than 6 months ideally.

Of course that is not always practical so the question becomes how to purchase only the diesel you need in 6 months which maybe half a tank or less whilst at the same time stopping the condensation?

This silica Gel dryer will stop the condensation from entering your tank.Normally a tank dryer screws into the top of the tank or breather pipe, not practical on the deck of a boat.

This dryer sits inside the boat and fitted in the pipe leading to the deck vent, preferably as high as possible, inside a cupboard or locker for example.

As the tank "breathes" it will absorb any moisture out of the air.

It is fully serviceable by unscrewing the end caps and drying out the Silica Gel for reuse.

Spare pouches of Silica Gel are available.

Supplied without 3/4" BSP end fittings which can be added seperately

We recommend connections should be in a non kinkable material.

Toughened glass units with metal ends are available.

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