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Dip Tube Flange

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The Dip tube flange has been developed to work in conjunction with the Diesel Dipper to enable a pipe to suck from the VERY BOTTOM OF THE TANK. This Flange enables a 10mm pipe to be fed through and thus reaching the bottom of the tank. Developed specifically for tanks without a drainCan be fitted with basic DIY skills and supplied with fitting insructions.Comes complete with 5 x screws and 40g of Hylomar Compound. * Pipe in picture is for presentation purposes only and is not included.

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Widely respected for our fuel treatments, we can eradicate diesel bug, remove harmful injector deposits and maintain the fuel system.  Our Diesel Bug Treatment (DBT) is used by the RNLI and  top-rated by Practical Boat Owner.  Two petrol systems complete our fuel treatment range.

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