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Diesel Dipper

The Diesel Dipper® sucks from the VERY BOTTOM of the tank. It will remove Diesel Bug, sludge, water and contaminants that are sloshing about on the very bottom, below the fuel suction. Sucked up with a 12v pump into the Dipper they are then removed by simply draining off. The clean fuel is returned back to the tank through a fine washable stainless steel filter.

Diesel Dipper by Marine 16
Diesel Dipper by Marine 16
Diesel Dipper by Marine 16
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Diesel Dipper

Dip Tube Flange

Drain Alarm

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About Marine 16

Marine 16 products were developed exclusively for the leisure boating and light commercial sectors.  We make it easy for you to maintain your vessel, inside and out.

Widely respected for our fuel treatments, we can eradicate diesel bug, remove harmful injector deposits and maintain the fuel system.  Our Diesel Bug Treatment (DBT) is used by the RNLI and  top-rated by Practical Boat Owner.  Two petrol systems complete our fuel treatment range.

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